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Brew Day Getting things cleaned up to start a schwarzbier today, which I plan on tapping for New Year's eve. Sure, it could age a little longer, but, well, it won't. Anyway, I'm not 100% sure what I'll be getting in the end. My original recipe, created with  Brew Mate  was the following: 8# Pilsner Malt .75 # Chocolate Malt .5# Carapils .25 # Black Malt 2 oz. Mt. Hood Hops Pilsner Lager Yeast WLP800 Basically this recipe was put together using the guidelines of a schwarzbier to match OG, IBU, and color, and the end result was quite pleasing. While getting my shopping list ready yesterday, I thought I might like to up the base malt a little bit to make something a little warmer for the winter, and darken it a little more to bring out a little more of a roasted flavor. Also, I noticed that my original recipe had an entry for German Hallertau, but in an amount of 0 oz, so I decided to add an ounce there to see if I could figure out why I'd put it there in