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Sourdough Sponge

Making a Sourdough Sponge My Credentials Sourdough is among the various things I like to ferment. Mostly I do bread and pancakes, but I haven't done these in quite a while. The reason is that a little over a year ago, I moved with my family from Utah to Washington, and my sourdough sponge didn't survive the trip, and I've been putting off making a new one. Well, holiday vacation, I have a few other things I'm making, so I decided to get this going too so I can make some bread to go with the sauerkraut and beer for the new year. 

Left Hand Brewing Milk Stout Nitro

Left Hand Brewing Milk Stout Nitro We had an unexpected stop off at the store on the way home from work today, and I saw a little something on the shelf that I hadn't seen before. Milk Stout Nitro by Left Hand Brewing. It caught my interest. I love cream stouts. I'm a fan of Left Hand Brewing's Milk Stout. I guess I'm not a refined enough beer drinker to know what I should expect out of a nitro draft. Two out of three ain't bad, so I went for it.

Mash Tun 2.0

Mash Tun 2.0 I posted a while back on my home grown mash tun that I made from a couple of 5 gallon food grade buckets that I picked up from a local restaurant a while back. It served me well for quite a while. I was able to keep a fairly consistent mash temp, it was easy to work with, easy to clean, best of all, it was dirt cheap to make. Then came the day that I decided I wanted to try my hand at a dopplebock, and I learned that my little mash tun 1.0 just wasn't enough, but I'll post about that another time. The bottom line was that I started turning my attention to a bigger kit. The Research Trying To Buy A Mash Tun I decided I needed a new mash tun, but definitely didn't want to spend the bucks to buy one of the stainless steel setups I'd seen, but for the right price I might be willing to buy something pre-built. In fact, I'd rather buy something pre-built because when given a choice I'm sort of a buy it outright kind of guy, so I started looking

First Mead

I've made a couple of meads, well, actually three. Two really sucked. One of them used too much honey 🍯, another I tried to get fancy and use blueberries. It ended up being totally flavorless. The first, however, was awesome. For some reason I never tried it again, but maybe it's about time. It was a simple recipe that I found somewhere online and adapted a bit for ingredients I had around the house. Honey, of course, at about 3 pounds per gallon. The recipe called for a yeast nutrient and said bee 🐝 pollen would work. I happened to have a bunch of capsules, so I used about 20,emptying the contents in to the diluted honey and water. It called for an acid so I got 3 lemons (for about a 1 gallon batch, quartered them and threw them in to the fermenter. I needed yeast, and as this was my very first brew of any kind and I didn't even know of home brew stores, I took a shot in the dark and got me some fleishmans bread yeast. I think I used 2 packs. After a month or so I b