First Mead

I've made a couple of meads, well, actually three. Two really sucked. One of them used too much honey 🍯, another I tried to get fancy and use blueberries. It ended up being totally flavorless. The first, however, was awesome. For some reason I never tried it again, but maybe it's about time. It was a simple recipe that I found somewhere online and adapted a bit for ingredients I had around the house.
Honey, of course, at about 3 pounds per gallon.
The recipe called for a yeast nutrient and said bee 🐝 pollen would work. I happened to have a bunch of capsules, so I used about 20,emptying the contents in to the diluted honey and water.
It called for an acid so I got 3 lemons (for about a 1 gallon batch, quartered them and threw them in to the fermenter.
I needed yeast, and as this was my very first brew of any kind and I didn't even know of home brew stores, I took a shot in the dark and got me some fleishmans bread yeast. I think I used 2 packs.
After a month or so I bottled it, and when I finally got the nerve to drink it I found a mead that was surprisingly good. It wasn't terribly strong, but a few glasses left one feeling happy to be there.
I've learned a few things since then, so I'd change a few things like the yeast and nutrient, but the basic recipe would be mostly the same.


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