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Finally Making That Kolsch

So, I've been staring at these grains for way too long, and I finally have a weekend with nothing planned. Time to brew. Also, because I put it off, I'm making one of my go-to Kolsh brews a little late in the season. I'll make up for that in a few weeks with a Dunkleweizen or something. Anyway, I'm going to experiment with this one a little bit. First up, I'm going to do a no chill brew. I used that method a while back on a schwarzbier with very good results in that I didn't have to mess around with chilling anything to an ideal pitching temperature, and the beer didn't go bad. In fact, it turned out quite nice. The next thing I'm going to try is my own making it up as I go batch sparge. I don't have an HLT yet (been putting that off for a while), and siphoning off of the stove while trying to keep temps consistent and water levels high enough is just a huge pain in the ass, so batch sparge experiment, it is. My method this time around will be as f

ZenOfBeer.BreweryDb Adjunct Support

So, hopefully I'm going to be done with this thing for a little while, unless some request comes through, as soon as I push the next version of ZenOfBeer.BreweryDb to NuGet. I took a little time and added in support for the Adjunct query. I ran through some testing and things are looking good, but in my rush to get the original converted to a portable library I got lazy and didn't unit test. Before packaging the version with adjunct support I want to go through and up my test coverage. Once that's done I'll push the NuGet package, and get back to the ZenOfBeer Website/Mobile app alpha version.

ZenOfBeer.BreweryDb update

So, I put together the .net wrapper for the api, created a NuGet package, and posted it. What happens? People want to use it for mobile. So, over the weekend between sessions at the No Fluff Just Stuff conference  I converted the library to a portable class library, tested it on WP 7 (I'll be happy to test other platforms if someone wants to send them to me) and .net 4.5. No new functionality, but it now works cross platform. I've been able to do mostly a full conversion except for the logging. I'll still need to find a library for logging that works cross platform. Anyway, it's out there. Dive in, have some fun, or let me know if there are features that need to be added since I'm currently only supporting requesting styles and beers. Get the package here:  NuGet Package Read about it here:  Official ZenOfBeer.BreweryDb .net wrapper site Log issues, request features, get the code here:  Official ZenOfBeer.BreweryDb Source Repository

Writing a little code

I've got a project going on. I won't go in to too much detail just yet. Not that it's any kind of big secret, or that it's entirely original, but I have some specific goals for the initial Alpha release and I don't want to risk getting any more distracted than necessary. Working towards this goal I stumbled across BreweryDb  and realized that not only have they already built an API that I was going to start working on for the back end of my project, but that they had more information that I could hope to gather in any reasonable amount of time. I altered my plans for a data source, and decided to jump on their system. I'll still keep some data locally for items that they don't track, or don't track yet, but for the most part I'll rely on their system to serve up my data. While looking in to their docs I saw that they support and share third party service wrappers, and since the one link to a .net wrapper that they had was dead, I set to writing my