Writing a little code

I've got a project going on. I won't go in to too much detail just yet. Not that it's any kind of big secret, or that it's entirely original, but I have some specific goals for the initial Alpha release and I don't want to risk getting any more distracted than necessary.
Working towards this goal I stumbled across BreweryDb and realized that not only have they already built an API that I was going to start working on for the back end of my project, but that they had more information that I could hope to gather in any reasonable amount of time. I altered my plans for a data source, and decided to jump on their system. I'll still keep some data locally for items that they don't track, or don't track yet, but for the most part I'll rely on their system to serve up my data.
While looking in to their docs I saw that they support and share third party service wrappers, and since the one link to a .net wrapper that they had was dead, I set to writing my own. It only pulls styles and beers so far, but it should be quite easy to extend so new features will come along soon after the need for them is identified.
The source is Here on BitBucket if you have a desire to help out, or just mock my code, and a NuGet Package Is Here if you want to take it for a spin. You'll need your own API key. Other than that, it should run Ok.
Anyway, that's my weekend. Now I'm going to do a little Facebooking, a little twittering, and find a good horror movie to watch. Then tomorrow,


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