ZenOfBeer.BreweryDb update

So, I put together the .net wrapper for the BreweryDb.com api, created a NuGet package, and posted it. What happens? People want to use it for mobile. So, over the weekend between sessions at the No Fluff Just Stuff conference I converted the library to a portable class library, tested it on WP 7 (I'll be happy to test other platforms if someone wants to send them to me) and .net 4.5. No new functionality, but it now works cross platform.
I've been able to do mostly a full conversion except for the logging. I'll still need to find a library for logging that works cross platform. Anyway, it's out there. Dive in, have some fun, or let me know if there are features that need to be added since I'm currently only supporting requesting styles and beers.
Get the package here: NuGet Package
Read about it here: Official ZenOfBeer.BreweryDb .net wrapper site
Log issues, request features, get the code here: Official ZenOfBeer.BreweryDb Source Repository


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