SonicAgile project hosting

So far, (just one day in), totally awesome. I've got a small number of projects I'm working on, and I tend to be very disorganized, and allow scope creep on a scale that really pisses me off in my day job. Because of this I've been looking for free (because "labors of love" don't pay for subscriptions and licenses) agile project tracking. I've tried a few including VisualStudio online (awesome during the trial, not so much after) and Trello (very cool interface, nice tool, but missing a little of the stricter process that I tend to need out of the box), FogBugz (which tried to do too much with source hosting, and subscription limits), and nothing quite meeting what I'm after. I came across SonicAgile yesterday, and after moving in the backlogs of my projects, I may be sold. It has the agile organizational structure that I'm after, ability to make roadmaps public (which may end up being useful information), doesn't limit usability based on subscription level, and only tries to be an agile board. 
Cool stuff. If you're looking to try out an agile project tracker for a small project, check it out. 


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