Tired of IPA

What is the obsession with IPA? Don't get me wrong, I'm not slamming your favorite ale. I don't dislike it. In fact, I especially enjoy the recent variation, Black IPA. I just don't understand how this one variety had become so popular. It fills the shelves, leaving almost no room for my weizens, dopplebocks, schwarzbiers, and kolsches. So popular some breweries are actually making multiple versions. I spent most of my life in Utah. A place where the beer isle in the grocery store is often almost exclusively Bud, Coors, Miller , with a little space left over for Michelob and Heineken. Substitute IPA with the previously mentioned big 3, and this is what Washington beer isles are starting to look like.
Just stop. Not forever, just for a little while, and try something different. Take a minute to realize that tasting like a skunk's backside isn't an inherent attribute of beer.


  1. Well said. Brewers today need to take a trip to Europe and spend some time tasting beers and ales that have been around for centuries. They are great and always have been. The best beer experiences of my life were in Wales. Those ales are amazing!


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