Zen Of Beer BreweryDb API wrapper

A while back I decided that I wanted to use BreweryDb as my external data source for the ZenOfBeer.com website (which will be coming online eventually). As I got in to development I realized that it might make sense to create a wrapper around the REST calls in a .net portable library so I could use the same API in an eventual Windows Phone app as I'm using in the website. I put it together, and it's out there. So far I've only added things that I need, but soon (releases within the next couple of weeks) I'll be working my way through the rest of the endpoints, as time allows, to make a more complete library. 
I'm planning a pre-release update this weekend with some usability enhancements and updated exception handling. I'm looking at a potential of a couple of dependency issues because of unexpected changes to the portable library dependencies when I migrated from a VS 2012 to VS 2013 project. Hopefully it goes smooth, and nobody will notice. 
In any case, if you're developing a .net based application that consumes data from BreweryDb, feel free to check it out, use it if it meets your needs, or give me a yell if it falls short in any area. I'll be happy to adjust my roadmap. 
One last thing, I made this for my own personal use, and thought it might be useful for others. Feel free to use it. With that said, if you do end up publishing an app that uses the library, let me know. First, I'd like to ask for a shout-out :), and second, I'm interested in seeing how the library is used.

Where to get it: 


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