Zen Of Beer Web Application

From time to time I find myself wishing I had a convenient place to store notes about beers that I've tasted. Some good, some bad, some just lost and forgotten in the crowd. There are some apps available, but nothing really quite fit my needs, so I decided to make one of my own. I've been working on it, as time allows, for way longer than I'd planned. Worse yet, I'm still not quite ready to get it out there hosted and online, but it is getting closer.

I've got a hard set of features to launch with, and once I hit that point I'll be going live. The site page is HERE with the project roadmap. The first version will allow the entry of tasting notes (public and private), and currently only web based. From that point I'll be bringing an Android app in to parity with the web site, and building features out from there. 
Down the road I'm planning to bring in user defined groups, soon to be followed by tools to add beers and breweries that aren't available in my source data. The specific reason behind those two features is to allow home brewers, such as myself, the ability to track notes about our own projects and share them with limited groups of people. 

There is a version of the site that's gone live as of today, but there's really nothing there beyond a few test tasting notes and some really obnoxious ads. One way or another I plan to keep the ads there, but maybe I'll figure out a way to make them a little less annoying. 


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