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Zen Saison V 2.0

So, time for another one. The last one was awesome. It turned out better than I could have hoped; clear, amber, a good thick head, and it tasted even better than it looked. Naturally, it was also a little strong. After one pint you knew that you'd had something substantial in your glass. My plan was to do two to see if I could reproduce the process twice, but I believe I mentioned that the Belgian candi sugar making got out of control, and I overcooked it. This second time around I had a little help from my dad who was in town to visit over the holidays. With his help we were able to get the sugar converted while keeping it clear. This time around I'm expecting something more on the blond side of things than an amber. This, and the last, will also be sweeter than the more popular saisons. The reason for that is I enjoy the sweetness with a little hops, but I don't feel the need for coriander, bitter orange, and other spices that tend to go in these brews. I was also quit