100 Gigs Of Free Cloud Storage (sorta) With OneDrive

I came across this today, free 100 gigs of free OneDrive cloud storage. They say if you join Bing Rewards, just log in to redeem. If you've already got an account, log in and redeem. I gave it a shot, and it works. 100 gigs free. Yippie. Free for two years. Great for some, probably not so much for me. I'm happily in the Google ecosystem, so I'm having difficulty seeing a situation where I would upload enough data to use this up, and put myself in to a situation that would require me to purchase additional storage in a couple of years. Still, it's a hell of a deal. I suppose I'm not really being fair with the sorta crack, but I figure if you're going to give me a trial call it a trial.
Oh, and Eddie.


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