Carrier Bloatwear And Some Non-Beer Related Thoughts

As much as I really liked my G2 I'm rediscovering some of the reasons I'd been a Nexus guy since the Nexus S. Carrier Bloatwear. Not that it doesn't exist, and frankly, not that I think carriers have no right to put it on a phone that they sell me and I use on their network. No, what I like about the Nexus world is that when I look at carrier bloatwear I can say to myself, "I'd like to uninstall this", and then I can go and actually uninstall it. No more T-Mobile TV (that won't let me cast it to my TV using my Chromecast). no more T-Mobile Visual Voicemail that, while I'm sure a competent service, is not Google Voice (which is what I actually use). No more T-Mobile My Account which more often than not would change phone settings when it updated. Phone settings like turning on WiFi calling (which is a wonderful idea, but I'm paying for unlimited calling, I want to drink as much as I can), or like changing when my WiFi for data turns on (which, also, is a wonderful idea, but I'm paying for unlimited LTE and I've got a personal challenge to see just how much I can manage to use in a month.)

You sell me a phone, but as much value add on the damn thing as you want, but if I'm going nearly $700 in to this thing, the least you can do is let me remove what I don't want.


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