I Need A New Chromebook

I was one of the lucky applicants to get my very own CR-48. For those who don't know, the CR-48 was The Google's first edition of the Chromebook that was sent out to applicants so that they could preview, beta test, and I suppose act as evangelists for the new computing platform. This is my first and only Chromebook, and within the first few usages I was totally on board with this thing. For most of my personal computing this little laptop is far superior to my Windows laptop...Seriously, I mean that. Like most people, if I'm not working I'm doing crap like this (blogging random crap), playing on social networks, email, whatever. It does all this and more with no problems. Plus, even if it's turned off it still only takes about 20 seconds before it's ready to use. On the other hand, my Windows laptop isn't quite so friendly. I don't use it often anymore, so the process is generally open the lid. I'm presented with a notification that I have to apply updates. I reboot to apply updates. 5 minutes later I'm booting again, waiting for boot processes to load, eventually I'm up and running, and the heaviest work I really wanted to do was remote in to another computer.
Now, I'll admit that this Chromebook can't do everything I want it to do. I do write software, and I do write software for fun. For this I do need a more powerful computer. That's ok, I've got a beefy Windows box that runs my Plex server and runs my development tools. I use Chrome Remote Desktop (a very good remote desktop tool) to remote in to that computer, and do dev work while sitting at my Chromebook. I do this all the time, and while it doesn't offer the same computing experience as my three monitor setup at work, it does give me the same experience I'd have working directly on a Windows laptop. I love my little CR-48, and I do recommend ChromeOS devices to people all the time.
Here's the problem. I never did get around to buying a Chromebook. These years later I'm still working on my little old CR-48. The hardware is outdated so it's slow, it can't do all of the ChromeOS stuff (like run Android apps that have been built to run cross platform), it's starting to choke on the more resource intensive Chrome apps, and did I mention slow? It's the nature of computers. As technology advances the older devices perform worse due to their inability to fully support the newer applications, and if we're going to be fully transparent, the CR-48 wasn't exactly a super computer in the first place.
I'd like to send out a request. If you happen to be putting out a Chromebook that is in need of a review or beta testing or evangelizing or any combination of those (or anything else you can think of) send me one. I'll give it love and I'll happily tell the world about it here. Seriously. I'll do it.


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