LG Tone Pro Headphones And The Dark Side of Bluetooth Headphones

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love these headphones. No, the sound quality doesn’t compare to my Shure IEC headphones, nor should any rational person expect it to. These are not headphones an audiophile buys to listen to the subtle nuances of Dizzy Gillispie squeaking out an air biscuit when hitting one of those high notes, but they do sound pretty damn good. They're also very easy to control. Pressing volume up/down at the same time gives you access to the EQ presets. Nothing too in depth, but enough to dial in on the appropriate sound for your tunes of the moment. Naturally, they're dead simple to pair with a device supporting Bluetooth (as they should be), and they even act as a very functional Bluetooth phone headset. Clear sound so you can hear who you're talking to, and a good mic so they can hear you too. You even have a tiny bit of sound isolation with the in ear buds. I If you're actually looking for sound isolation, this probably isn't where you should go first, but they do help to block out some of the ambient noise. Making this little device even more cool is the design. That thing in the picture sits around the back of your neck with those wider pieces up front. The little ear buds attach in to the fat end via little magnets. They have an internal battery that is charged via micro USB, so the same thingy that charges your phone (unless you're an iPhone kinda person) will probably charge your headphones too. Plus, the battery lasts crazy long for my kind of usage. I admit I don't get to sit and listen for hours on end, I'm interrupted all the freakin time in the office by people refusing to respect the headphones, but still...Convenient as hell. I'm sure you've seen people like me who have this thing around their neck like some kind of wired partial goofy looking necklace. They're all over the place, and the model I have (the Pro) is even outdated with better versions...If you want to send me a pair of the newer ones I will not object...Much like a Chromebook, I talk about mine all the time. The comfort and convenience is really a stroke of genius, probably designed by the same dude who decided to put control buttons on the back of the LG phones. That dude who did that, he's totally awesome.
Anyway, the headphones and the dark side. As I gush over these one might ask, "How can there be a dark side? How is this even possible?"
I'll tell you. I'm sitting in the mechanic shop getting my rear brakes replace and my brake line flushed. I'm probably an hour, maybe more, from being able to pay and get the hell out of here to go enjoy my Saturday. What's that got to do with it? Well, remember that battery I mentioned before? Yeah, that one. The damn thing just died and I don't have a USB cable with me to charge it.


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