New Belgium Portage - A Solidly Average Beer

To start with, I'd drink it again. I'd happily accept one if someone bought it for me, and if I have it again I will enjoy it.

That said, will I buy it again? Probably not unless it happens to be the only porter on the shelf and I have a really strong need for a porter. It hits all the points of being a porter. It's black with a mild, comforting toasty flavor. Hops are exactly as they should be, nearly unnoticeable, and it's creamy if just a little thin. If I try really hard I might be able to pick up on a little sweet malt, but I have to put some effort in to it. What can I say? This is a porter, but that's about it. Absolutely nothing stands out. It's as if it was produced for the widest possible audience possible. I shouldn't be too harsh. If I brewed one of these I'd be pretty damned proud. I would consider it a good showing, and I'd have no worries that when people told me they like it they're not trying to spare my feelings. It really isn't bad, but it is just average.


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