Really, I don't want my money back

If we're going to be perfectly honest here, I don't really want my money back. I've purchased the product before and the Amazon seller had a killer price. I bought the product. I wasn't thrilled that it was scheduled for delivery more than a month later, but the price, the product, what ever. I'm ok with that. The problem is that the seller chose to ship using a service with no tracking. This means that here I am a week after the delivery was supposed to take place and I have no way of knowing where my product is. Worse, I emailed the seller. Nothing. Not a damn thing. I got my money back, but the product could still show up any day now. Or maybe it won't. Who the hell knows? Now I'm stuck with an Amazon credit that isn't enough to buy the product that I'd rather have in the first place. Amazon sellers, please use a shipping service that I can track. I would keep my mouth shut and not complain if I just had some idea if/when my product may or may not show up.
On another somewhat related note, ExOfficio men's give-and-go sport 9 inch boxer brief ...You get the best of the boxer/brief world and the "fuck it, I'm going commando" world all in one.


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