Restoring The Hard Drive

Obviously the drive is failing, it's just failing in such an oddly unique way. Anyway, we did get a replacement installed, and the restore process has begun. Fairly painless, but such a long, drawn out process. The upside is we've been using CrashPlan for a while. Solid, reasonably unobtrusive service, and quietly keeps everything up to date. The only downside? 1.5 TB data restore is taking for ever. CrashPlan does offer the ability to ship my backups out to me for a small fee, but at the rate my restore is going I'll be done before the restore disks get to me and I'm able to copy the restored files back to the new location.
So, cheap, unlimited backups for all my machines, weird behavior in my dying USB drive, and a simple restore to a new drive before the old dying drive is actually dead.
One day I'll just be able to move all this crap to the cloud and be done with it.


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