Storing eBooks In Google Play Books

Ok, I admit it. I'm probably way behind the times on this one, but I found it recently and thought it was crazy cool. I read eBooks, you read eBooks, we all read eBooks from time to time. If you're like me you've ended up in a situation where you have a few in the Amazon Kindle app, a few more in Box, a few more in DropBox, and several more scattered to the winds. I've been frustrated by this, and even more so by the fact that generally speaking I live in Google's ecosystem. One of the primary things I've been unable to do, however, is keep all my eBooks in the one location that I want to use them. Well, at some point along the way (when, I've no idea) Google solved that very problem. They enabled uploading of your very own eBooks in to Google Play Books so that you can have your own existing eBook collection treated just like any other eBooks you happen to have purchased through Google Play. It looks like only EPUB and PDF are supported...Of course, it's entirely possible that those just happen to be the only formats I have that are supported...but I've been periodically moving items from my collection that I want to read right up there in to my Google Play Books account. It's fairly easy, just go to Play.Google.Com/Books, select My Books, and over there by that little gear icon click Upload Files. It works basically the same from the Android app. Now, if only they'd do something like that for Google Play Movies I might be able to get rid of Plex...

Oh, and yeah, the dog again cause he's awesome.


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