The App That I Need

Actually, I'd be happy if there was a plug-in for the Locale app. 
What I want is an app that, based on some defined criteria, would either disable an account or at the very least turn off syncing for a specified account. I don't mind having my work account on my personal phone since I spend a fairly significant amount of time in the office wandering around from place to place. It lets me know what meeting I've forgotten about and I'm able to get email when I've stopped off in one of the "quiet rooms" for a nap. This is a good thing. No matter how lazy I might be I have the ability to appear on task and engaged. 
The issue is the weekend or those few hours during the week that I'm at home or holidays or vacations. I still get email. Appointments I guess I can ignore because those don't give me the feeling that some poor soul is sitting in front of a monitor at 2 AM waiting for me to respond, but emails. Emails make me feel somehow obligated to respond. If this person, in the dark hours of a Saturday, is sending out messages it seems only right that I pay proper respect by stopping what ever I might be doing (like sleeping) in order to read and maybe respond to that message. Things are different if I don't know that the message is being sent. I can always come in at a reasonable hour on a reasonable day and say something like, "Holy cow! Why were you sending that email at that time of day on a weekend? Don't you have a life?" The problem is that I'm somehow certain that if I know the email came through the sender knows I know the email came through. Yes, I know they don't know whether I know the email was sent. This is my own little psychosis. We all have issues. Get down off your high horse. I'll bet yours is worse than mine, freak! Still, I'd sleep better if I could just automatically disable (or at least temporarily shut off syncing) for a specified account on weekends and holidays and vacations and those few hours during the week when I'm at home. 
If that app is out there I sure would like to know. 


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