Thoughts On The LG G Watch

I admit it, I'm a geek. I love tech stuff for the sake of the tech stuff. In spite of that I've drawn a line at the smart watches. Not wearables, but specifically the smart watches. Why? I just can't see the value in the damn things. Do I really need a device on my wrist that rids me of the need to pull my phone all the way out of my pocket? No, not phone probably isn't in my pocket. More likely it's already in my hand with me playing sudoku or checking email or watching a movie or something. If it does happen to be in my pocket, well, I'm just not so lazy that I can't reach in to my pocket and pull it out. I'm pretty damn lazy, but I'm not quite that bad. To take it a little further, the watch functionality just doesn't quite cut it. Yes, yes, the LG G Watch is really a very nice looking watch. Nice enough to get my attention, and this G Watch Urbane? Really, it's damn pretty. The problem is that reading about these things I'm told that I can get a full day out of one on a single charge. Really? Full day on a single charge. One more time, full day on a single charge. I'm required to charge my watch? Worse, I have to do that daily? No, I mean it. This is a real hang up for me. I've been wearing a Citizen Calibre 9000 for somewhere around 10 years. Not once have I ever had to charge it. Not once. Not even kinda. I haven't had to charge it, wind it, change its batteries, nothing. Nada. Zilch. 10 years and my watch hasn't asked me for even a little sip of power. It's got that part of things all figured out. In fact, the only thing I have to do besides read it is reset it for daylight savings time twice a year. That's it. Granted, it doesn't tell me about any alerts on my phone, but, well, I do have my phone for that.

Now, if we're being honest, if someone wants to send me one of these things I'll review it, I'll use it, and I'll show it off to every person I see. Will I buy one? No.


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