Zen Saison 2.0 Just testing the carbonation levels

Ok, so maybe it's a little more than testing the carbonation. Maybe I'm just impatient...just maybe...
Either way, I do have some valuable learnings.

The head doesn't stick around all that long just yet, the carbonation is just about where I like it, and we're starting to clear up. Right now it's a little cloudy, along the lines of a hefe, but that will change...hopefully before the keg is empty. The flavor still has a little bit of mellowing to do, but in its current state it is very much drinkable. Subtle pairs, crisp light malt, and just enough bitterness from the hops to keep it from being too sweet. It's sitting just slightly north of 9% ABV, so it's better suited to the winter we should have, and not the winter we do have, but what the hell. I'll drink it, and I'll damn well enjoy it.  Oh, and of course, the mug :) A gift from my dad, and perfect for "Testing the carbonation."


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