Google Play Music Awesomeness Just Got Awesomer

Google Play Music More Than Doubled Your Storage

I had no idea this was coming, I didn't see anything talking about it at all. I found this little goodie all on my own.
I've been a huge fan of this service since day one. I get a free cloud service to store my music collection by the file, not by the size, it integrates perfectly with the ecosystem I live in (hint: Google), and the mobile app allows me to cache stuff for offline listening when I'm on the road someplace my unlimited LTE data plan is not available.
It got better when they introduced All Access and for a subscription fee, which I'm generally opposed to, they give me commercial free radio listening, full albums that I can add to my collection, and the ability to add All Access music to my own playlists in a manner that is completely seamless. I gave in, I bought the subscription.
Then they added YouTube Music Key Beta...meh...
Anyway, back to what I was talking about. I logged in to my Google Music account to start listening through the browser, and I'm greeted with a banner ad telling me that my storage capacity has been increased to 50,000 files. 50 freakin' thousand.
I've got a music collection that I've been building since I was 14. For those of you counting, that's a music collection I've been building for 28 years. 28 years builds a person a fairly healthy music collection, and with the magic of Google Play Music I have that 28 years worth of collecting right here in my pocket on my Nexus 6, my computer at work, my Android TV at home, where ever I am so are my tunes.

50,000 thousand tunes. If I keep building my collection for another 28 years I'm going to be hard pressed to fill up my full allocation of space.

The one thing I'm missing, I think, is the ability to share my collection with other people. I don't want to share with the world, but it would be nice to be able to share with my wife and my daughter without having to have them create their own accounts that compete with sync time on the home PC.


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