PayPal Sandbox Is Upsetting To Me

Makes me batshit crazy

Yeah, it drives me batshit crazy that once I've created a test user in the PayPal sandbox I can no longer change that user's password...I was certain that I was able to at some point, but I'm no longer able on any of my existing users...That drives me right the hell out of my mind, but there's something that bugs me worse.

There's something worse

Know what's worse? I'll tell you what's worse. The fact that when I log in to the sandbox site, click on the link that's supposed to take me to my saved sandbox buttons, but the stupid asshole link actually points at the live site. I actually have to manually alter the URL to get to my damn saved sandbox buttons. 
Yeah, that's worse. 


Just imagine a world where there was some kind of real competition to PayPal. 
Imagine if they actually had to compete for the business of developers by building better tools than the other guy. 
Imagine a world where PayPal didn't remind one of trying to develop for Blackberry with their abomination of documentation and API. 
Imagine a world where PayPal wasn't able to just say, "Hey, developer! Fuck you! We're all you got!"


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