Scorpion Exo-T1200

It Arrived!

After a week of waiting my order finally arrived from After I've had a chance to try out my gear on the road I'll talk a little more about it and give some further impressions, but I'm psyched. 

The Helmet

First, the helmet. I got a Scorpion Exo-T1200. Looks great, fits great. What I know so far, it's going
to take some effort getting used to a helmet that weighs like half of my previous helmet. Also, I'd worked out a method for getting my glasses on in my old helmet. The new padding is different, so I'll have to learn that all over again. Of course, with this being my only complaints which amount to "new things are scary" I'd say I'm doing pretty damn good. The flip down sun visor fits over my glasses (I'd forgotten to try that out when I went out sizing helmets), and it's very comfortable. With the temperatures suddenly hitting the 60's and 70's I can't wait to get out and try out the ventilation that's supposed to be light years ahead of what I've got now. I'm also hoping to get some cooler days to see if the promises of the magic anti-fog technology lives up to the hype. There was one piece of stuff in the box that I really hadn't expected. Anyway, that's me over there with the flip down sun visor down. 

The Valise

The spec sheet makes a big deal about the helmet bag shipping with the T1200. No pictures on the
site, no pictures that I've been able to dig up on the web. Well, take a look at that bad boy. I'm impressed. I don't know how much use I'll really get out of it since this thing is too big for my saddlebags, but it's quite a nice touch. Consider that pic over there to the right a sneak peak of the real thing sitting on my kitchen table. I'll post a little more about that later, as well.

The Jacket

The last goodie in the box was the jacket. Ok, so technically this isn't a pic of my actual jacket, but it is the same jacket. I picked up a Fieldsheer Adventure Tour jacket in the Hi-Vis colors. Matches the new helmet and keeps the wife happy. Again, more on this later once I get it out on the road, but I will say that it's quite surprising how much lighter textile is than leather. Much more complicated, too. My leather has 4 vents and lots of black leather. That's about the extent of the technology. The new jacket, on the other hand, has armor everywhere (my leather just has thicker leather in strategic locations), vents everywhere, two liners, straps on the arms and waist to adjust the fit, enough pockets that I'm sure to eventually misplace something in one of them for a good long time, zip off neck warmer (my leather does have a neck warmer attached to the liner), and lots of zippers. Luckily, I think it came with a manual. I'll need to read up to learn how this jacket works. Who woulda thought I'd need to study to figure out my jacket?


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