Shopping For A Helmet

Shopping For A Helmet

It's about time I get around to shopping for a new helmet. My old one has worked out fine for me, but it's a little old and these things should be replaced from time to time, and if we're being completely open and honest I've probably gone a little over the expiration date on my old helmet. I've got more money to spend this time around, I've discovered a couple of features I wish my current helmet had, and with that in mind I've been putting in a little research time to see where I should go next. Admittedly my search began with Scorpion. They've manufactured my last two helmets ...the first gave it's short life to save my face from the ground, if only I'd had a helmet for my leg... and I've been very happy with them. They fit well, they're light weight, what more can one ask? Maybe a couple of things like better ventilation, better fog control (this has become more of a problem since moving from the dry-as-hell Salt Lake Valley to the PNW), a better fit that one will hopefully find in a higher end helmet, and maybe a few bells and whistles just cause they're nice to have. Scorpion has models that fit the ticket at damn near half the cost of an equally fitted Shoei. No, safety isn't an area where you want to cheap out, but Scorpion delivers the quality, and I'd recommend any of their helmets any day of the week. 

ScorpionExo T1200

The T1200 caught my eye as one of the newer models that had what I was looking for. 
Out of the gate I'm getting a lighter shell. That, alone, will be worth the upgrade. Not to say that my current helmet is heavy, but it ain't no baseball cap. 
Better ventilation will be nice. It's not strictly necessary for keeping cool in the milder Western Washington climate, but it should help keep the fog (which starts showing up around 50°) down.
Added to that, they have the magic anti-fog visor coating. No, I don't expect miracles, but that, along with the pinlock insert (I don't currently have that option) I should experience a whole new nearly fog free riding experience. 
It's also got a better seal around the visor. I'm expecting this should lead to less wind buffeting, and increased comfort. 
We also have a couple of bells and whistles, AirFit system to further customize the fit, retractable sun visor, an emergency release system that I'd just prefer that I never have to use. 
I'm hoping to be able to find one to try on for size today, of course I'll try out a few others, but unless Scorpion has done something totally oddball with the sizing and shape of their helmets in the last couple of years, I'll probably be going this direction.  

Advertised Specs (Lifted directly from

EXO-T1200 Helmet
    The all new EXO-T1200 is the first helmet model to join Scorpion’s new T-Series, designed with premium features to meet the needs of hardcore or leisure touring riders. The profile is aerodynamic and aggressive, while advanced features like the TCT® composite shell, AirFit® liner inflation system, 3-Step SpeedView® drop down sun visor and VSV™ ventilation system enhance any type of riding experience.

  • TCT® Composite Shell:
    Developed exclusively by ScorpionEXO®, the revolutionary TCT® (Thermodynamic Composite Technology) process consists of a proprietary 5 layer blend of interlaced and specially formulated fiberglass, Aramid and organic poly-resin fibers
  • Advanced Dual-Density EPS:
    A multi-layer EPS provides efficient energy displacement in key areas including EPS lining throughout the entire chin bar
  • VSV™ (Venturi Super Vent) Ventilation System:
    Scopion’s innovative VSV™ (Venturi Super Vent) System was specially designed and wind-tunnel tested to increase the venturi effect, a creation of negative air pressure. The two intake ports both serve a separate function, the first draws cool air into the helmet interior while the second draws cool air across the three exhaust ports. As the second intake port passes air through the graduated super vent air channel, it accelerates the flow of air over the three exhaust ports, thus increasing the venturi effect which will draw more warm air out of the helmet interior
  • AirFit® Liner Inflation System:
    Inflatable cheek pad system for a superior, personalized fit
  • Ellip-Tec® Ratchet System:
    Easy, secure, tool-less face shield changes in seconds. Pulls the shield back against the eye port gasket during closing to ensure a proper seal.
  • 3-Step SpeedView® Retractable Sun-Visor: 
    Adjustable to 3 positions, the retractable sun-visor incorporates Everclear® anti-fog technology on both sides
  • EverClear® No Fog Face Shield:
    Optically-clear shield with state-of-the art fog free technology. Anti-Scratch hardened coating. 100% UV protection
  • Pinlock® 100% Max vision:
    Pinlock® 100% Max Vision ensures a 100% fog free vision. The anti-fog insert lens is placed in the ScorpionEXO® 2D flat race shield w/tear-off posts, providing maximum visibility (optional accessory)
  • Face Shield Lock/Vent System:
    Securely locks shield in place or turn down the lever to allow light airflow into the helmet
  • KwikWick® III Anti-Microbial Liner:
    The third generation of Scorpion’s moisture-wicking lining material feels cool to the touch in warm weather and warm in cool weather while maintaining anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic properties
  • Contour Cheek Pads:
    Three-dimensionally sculpted foam that contours the rider’s head shape for better comfort and fit
  • KwikFit®:
    Kwikfit® cheek pads allow easy on and off of the most common styles of eye glasses
  • Emergency Release System:
    Tabs located under the neck roll allow easy removal of the cheek pads by trained emergency medical personnel.
  • 3 Shell Sizes:
    Having 3 shell sizes helps to optimize weight, fit and comfort across the entire size range
  • Titanium Double D-Ring:
    High strength titanium D-Ring system with industry leading durability
  • Helmet Valise: 
    A premium textile helmet storage bag is included and features a dual zipper top, ventilation ports, a side pocket and plush interior lining
  • Communication System Speaker Pockets
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Meets or exceeds: 
    DOT-218 Approved


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