When Bluetooth Headphones Attack

The Never Ending Week

It's not that the week's been bad. Actually, as far as weeks go it's been pretty good, just long. Really long. Got some good news, hit an important milestone, filled an open head with what appears to be a worthy body, and more. The problem is that this has involved early mornings, late nights, and no breaks till Friday night. I'm getting worn down and starting to do a few more boneheaded things than normal. I'm tired. 

Burnout Beginning To Show

(Note my usage of headings...)
Anyway, what's that got to do with anything? We got out of the planning meeting a little early yesterday, later than normal, but earlier than scheduled, so overall, good. I bought me about a half hour to do some paperwork (paperwork instead of code because I'm a very busy, very important person or some such shit). I gotta get my head in the right space, so I need some tunes. Out comes the Nexus 6 and Google Play Music All Access, cause that's how I roll, and launch the chosen playlist. This is the moment when things go down hill. My headphones, those Bluetooth headphones, are all tinny and muffled. I think I ran in to this once before when the battery was low...but maybe not... I'm confused. What's going on? Maybe the volume is messing with me, maybe the EQ is out of whack, whatever, I'll turn them up and see if that makes any difference. Maybe a little. They're louder, but still all muffled. WTF is going on here? I'm racking my brain (because I get pulled in to fairly unimportant things once in a while) trying to figure out what may have happened. Out of the corner of my eye I notice people around me staring. One or two giggling. Suddenly it hits me: I forgot to turn on my phone's Bluetooth. 

Oh well, at least it was Tom Petty today...

...and not Rotting Christ


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