Zen Saison 2.0 Revisited

Finally Ready For Drinking

Sampling Is Complete

I've come back for a final bit on the Zen Saison 2.0. I've been nipping at the keg for a couple of weeks, as I
do because i'm really pretty impatient about these things, and I've officially determined that the beer is done. This behavior is also one of the main reasons I need to get more kegs and at least double my batch sizes...So I can have a keg for "sampling" and the second keg so I can have the full keg for drinking the finished product. 

The Results

My initial notes and scoring left a bit to be desired, and I'll need to do a second tasting to update my notes. At that point it was a very tasty beer, but still not ready to drink. It needed a bit of time to lager in the keg. It's now had that time, and the results are something I'm very proud of. First of all, and if I do say so myself, it is absolutely beautiful to look at. I'd be happier if the head would last a little longer, but the head is thick and creamy white sitting on top of a crystal clear amber liquid. No fog, no sediment, absolutely clear and alive with little carbonation bubbles. The taste and smell provide just enough of the bitter hops to offset the fruity sweetness. 
The fruits have also mellowed. Previously the pears were fairly pronounced. Those have backed off quite a bit, and the mouth feel has also become much more crisp. This is a beer for enjoying on a warm afternoon in the sun after a good day of work...I'll consider the mowing of the lawn and smoking a pork shoulder my good day of work. 
However, as I mentioned before, this is a fairly big beer at a little north of 9%. It's not a beer that you'd make a night of drinking, or use as a thirst quencher part way through the day. 
I am really very proud of this one.  


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