Gmail "All Inboxes"

A solution in need of a problem

Google announced a new feature today (well, a couple of days ago by the time this post goes live) in Gmail. All Inboxes. When you get your update to your Gmail app click on the three bar menu in the
upper left hand corner, and you'll see right there, right at the top, "All Inboxes." Now, a while back I was complaining that I can't shut off certain account syncing based on location or time of day or whatever. This is sort of the opposite of that. It takes all the accounts I have set up in Gmail (accounts like work) and sticks them all right there in my face. This, I do not want. I dunno, if I could pick and choose which accounts showed up under All Inboxes and I could choose accounts that aren't managed by my Gmail app, like and, maybe they'd be on to something. As it is, though, no thank you. 


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