Google Send Directions

Google Send Directions

Last week's breaking news (because I'm totally on the edge like that) Google released some new toys. Among them, Send Directions. An awesome little feature that lets one look up an address in Google Maps, and send that address to one's phone. From there one can navigate to the desired location. I, for one, think this is a killer feature. It's actually fairly common for me to look up an address on my handy dandy Chromebook (there I go name dropping again) because it's just easier and more natural, and realize that I have to go off looking it up all over again on my phone. Really, I do this quite often. Now, I can do my address look-up and at the click of a button send it straight to my phone. No muss, no fuss, and pretty freakin sweet. 

All together, now: HOW'S IT WORK?

It's pretty simple. Go to the Google Omnibox (that's the right and proper name for the box where you type addresses), or on the page go to the search box and type the following: 
Send Directions
The top result will be a neat widget that has a dropdown allowing you to select your Android phone. The next line is the starting point of your search, which defaults to your phone's location, and the third line is the address you want to get to. This is where the magic starts. Enter an address in to the box with the label "Where do you want to go?"
Once the location is found click "Send directions to my phone"

What happens next?

Your browser shows you a message saying your directions have been sent and you should check your phone. Your phone will alert you that it has a message, and it will launch the maps app. From here you can select Start Navigation, and you're on your way. 

Pretty cool, huh?


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