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I'm in the process of moving. I'm sure I'll mention more of that later, but for now I've taken a break from
putting things in boxes to play around a little bit with my personal Website. The first thing was to make my site mobile friendly so that I can get a little Google index love. While I was at it I got to wondering what kind of content I should put out there, and how I can keep things interesting. Especially since I don't really do all that much with my personal site. I had a few ideas, but the one that stuck was what if I could put my blog posts over there? I'd like it to just happen magically, I don't want to go from site to site to update information. To that end, I went out and requested approval to get a quota for the Google Blogger API. I got it, and threw together a quick proof of concept. You can see it in action by going over to If everything is working as expected you'll see this article right there on the page. Kinda neat. I'll need to get in to the code and do a little cleanup, remove the hacks, etc. I'll be moving forward (probably pretty slowly) to integrate more reader functionality including comments and the ability to navigate all articles. 
Once I get that working, I'll go duplicate the functionality on my beer diary Web app that I'm off and on building. Once that's done I'll finally make the jump and point over there. 
Anyway, what we're looking at is consuming the Blogger API via a .net service library to make things easier in a C# MVC site. 


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