Continuing Adventures With The Blogger API

Still No Beer?

No, still no beer...but next weekend I'll be sticking the current batch in to the keggerator to chill for a couple of weeks until the move is complete. Once moved to the new place I'll still let it sit for a bit until the out of town visitors drop by. 

About the API

Ok, so about the API. You won't be able to see it just yet, but I've added the next little feature to my site. At some point later this week (at least that's the plan) I'll be pushing out an update to Currently, if you head over there you'll see the most recent post from When the update is pushed you'll still see the most recent article, but down below I'll be displaying summaries of the next three articles as hyperlinks. Selecting one of the articles will load the full article in the main body of the page, and load summaries of the next three articles down below from that point in time. Simple navigation, but it makes the page and the included articles a little more interesting. 


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