Zen Schwarzbier 2.0

Catching up on the important things

Somehow or another I managed to completely ignore the fact that I'm actually in the middle of

brewing beer. Shameful, I know, especially when my original purpose for creating this blog was to talk about beer and other fermentables. While running unit tests I intend to resolve this oversight. 

Zen Schwarzbier 2.0

I think I'm at version 2.0, anyway. What is it? It's a black lager. It's light, refreshing, not overly malty or hoppy, but more flavorful than a Pilsner. It's a good thing. My take on it this time around is basically the following:
#4 Pilsner Malt
#5 Dark Munich Malt
#.25 Chocolate Malt
#.25 Roasted Barley 60L
#.5 Carapils
#.25 Caramel Malt
2oz Hallertau hops
WLP830 German Lager Yeast

The more important points for this time around are that the hops go in for the full hour boil (pellets, not filtered out,) The rest of it is a little less important because I totally screwed up my other calculations.
I allowed it to sit for two weeks in the primary, fermenting at roughly 70°, and it has now been moved in to the secondary. I'll let it sit there for another two weeks and then let it sit (still in the secondary) in my keggerator chilling for between two weeks and a month.
At this point, though, it's roughly 5.5 ABV, with a very clean flavor, and just enough hops to balance the flavors of the dark malts.
Chilled and kegged, this is looking to be an awesome beer perfect for drinkinking in 80° Western Washington summers.


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