Day 3 Of One, Or Something Like That

Still a little short of anything worth saying

Lost for words, faking it anyway
Here we are again, staring at the screen with nothing of value to discuss. Oh, well. The goal was a daily post. We've hit three consecutive days. Yay. I've had similar success with hitting the weights again. I've hit 100% of my workouts for the past 1 days. Yay. Next up on the list, an hour or so of coding. Nothing in particular, just now, I'll get back to one or more of my projects a little later, but for now I just want to write a little code. Work recently has brought me in to a management role, which is nice. It allows me the ability (among other things) to push designs and solutions from a level higher than I can as an individual contributor, but it does leave me with very little time with hands on keyboard. 
I suppose there is some news. Visual Studio 2015 was released today. We'll be migrating out development environments at the first possible chance. New toys, yippie.
Enough of this. I've forced some words on to the page. Hopefully I'll have something a little more interesting to say tomorrow.  


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