Day Two Of Two

We've hit a milestone

This is the second day in an unbroken run of daily ZenOfBeer posts. Yay. I figured I'd get this out of the way
The grass is sad
before going off to try to beat the heat and do something productive around the house. I've been letting the yard work slide, and I expect that to go on a little bit longer. It's just too damn hot out to do anything of significance. Sure, some places in the country laugh at us melting in the PNW when we hit 80° and up (supposed to be over 90° today). I come from such a place, so I know things get much hotter other places, but let me remind those of you who live in hotter lands - most of you have AC. Here? about 1 out of 6 have AC.
I suppose this is going to be good weather for going through the garage, unpacking more stuff.
Speaking of unpacking more stuff, somewhere out there in the garage is my Windows laptop. I've mentioned my thoughts on Chromebooks before, but it's true. Outside of work my Asus Chromebook 13 is my primary computing device with a keyboard. So much so that I've actually misplaced my Windows laptop. I haven't seen it in well over a month. What does this have to do with anything at all in the universe? I'll tell you. The wife has been spending a whole lot of time on the big home PC lately. When I need to do a little coding, I remote in to that PC from the Chromebook and do a little coding. Works like a charm unless someone is on the remote PC, in which case I've only got browser based IDEs available. This will lead to another post some time, but the short form is that I'm working on learning some new languages, and to be blunt, a full featured IDE (much more full featured than what I'm finding online) makes learning new languages much easier. To that end, I want to remote in to my laptop and stop bugging the wife to get off the computer, but I can't find my damn laptop.
Enough of this rambling. Back to my coffee, and on to the day. 


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