Timely App

Google Bought Timely

So, this isn't news anymore. Somewhere around a year ago Google bought the makers of the Timely app. When I stumbled across Timely app I was happily surprised. It's a nice looking app with decent widgets. It
has an easy to use alarm clock (I use this for tracking meat on the grill), a stop-watch, and my most used feature, alarm clocks. But, not just any alarm clocks. Alarm clocks that are attached to my account, stored in the cloud, and stay happy and running when I install Timely on a tablet, or a new phone, or any other Android device. Try it, you'll like it. With that out of the way, why am I bothering to bring this up today? Google put out an update to the default system Google Clock. This Google Clock is not Timely. This Google Clock cannot be replaced by Timely. When I click on the time that is displayed in my weather app widget the Google Clock opens up. Knock it the hell off. If Google wants to buy a neato clock app, at the very least allow me to replace the system clock with the one I prefer. At the most, integrate the full features of the better clock in to the system clock. Ok, I'm done. 


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