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#Acuvue #Oasys Multi-Focal Contact Lenses

Things that happen when you get older So, it's happened. The Eye Dr. found out that I can't see things up close when wearing my glasses or contact lenses. I'm ok to see up close without them, but I often need reading glasses with my contacts to see little print...The frames on my glasses are fairly small, so I just look around the lenses when I need to read up close.  Anyway, her response was to have me try out some multi-focal contact lenses. Yes, bi-focal, but contact lenses. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the way they actually work because the things sit right on your eyeball, so although I have experienced looking through different areas of the lenses I still don't quite understand how I'm able to do it.  I tried a couple of pairs, the first one had the issue that I couldn't figure out how to not look through the close vision area in my right eye. As a motorcycle rider, this is problematic because I need to be able to clearly see shit. I t