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Random Thoughts On Protractor

Killing time awaiting my carpool The issue End to end automated testing. I won't get in to the value of this activity. I will simply say that I am faced with a requirement to implement an end to end testing solution that will serve as one of our final release gates. The basic structure is a set of tests that simulate minimal user browser input, tracks the flow through our code base, and evaluates the responses from the live downstream systems. These tests will pass or fail, but there is no guarantee of stability. These tests will fail frequently. Failures will not break the release gate, they will simply be an indication that someone needs to review the results in order to evaluate the health of the product. The tests will be limited to one instance each of the user critical workflows. This means a grand total of somewhere between 9 and 12 tests for ever...until such time that a distinctly new feature is introduced.  The Features After some discussion we came up with a set

Tsu Shortcode, Tsu Social Network

The social network Facebook wants to block That headline showed up in my Google News timeline. I thought it sounded a little silly, but I had some time to kill while drinking my coffee. I thought I'd check it out. Turns out it's an interesting social network idea that seems to be structured almost like an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). The selling point is that they say that they'll share the ad revenue with the users, basically where other social networks post ads all over your stuff, these guys do too, but they give you a cut. The MLM part comes in where this whole thing is sort of invitation only. When you sign up you have to enter what they call a "shortcode" . The shortcode  adds you to the "family" of the user named in the shortcode . Basically they get a cut of the overall ad revenue that is generated by the members of their family. Once you're in, you share your own shortcode  and on and on the chain goes. It works like

Tell Me About The Rabbits, George

Your belief that I'm a rabbit doesn't concern me If one day I were to go see a Hypnotist put on a show and I became part of the performance.  And if the Hypnotist were to convince me to declare myself A Rabbit in front of all of the people, how would that be? And if later than night I were to reflect with a friend on the absurdity of thinking myself a rabbit... Would the thought of composing a letter to the hypnotist to declare my removal from the book of rabbits ever enter the conversation, or would we react like rational human beings and laugh at the joke?