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The social network Facebook wants to block


That headline showed up in my Google News timeline. I thought it sounded a little silly, but I had some time to kill while drinking my coffee. I thought I'd check it out. Turns out it's an interesting social network idea that seems to be structured almost like an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). The selling point is that they say that they'll share the ad revenue with the users, basically where other social networks post ads all over your stuff, these guys do too, but they give you a cut. The MLM part comes in where this whole thing is sort of invitation only. When you sign up you have to enter what they call a "shortcode". The shortcode adds you to the "family" of the user named in the shortcode. Basically they get a cut of the overall ad revenue that is generated by the members of their family. Once you're in, you share your own shortcode and on and on the chain goes. It works like Facebook. You post stuff, you make friends, you hope people like your stuff. So, there it is. I figured I'd give it a shot. So far it seems pretty ok. If you're looking for a shortcode, feel free to use mine: ZenOfBeer. Or click any number of links scattered around this post :). 



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