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The Dream

The Dream I was riding along in the back of a Jeep. The top was down, I don't know who was driving or where we were going. It didn't matter. As we drove we suddenly noticed that we were passing a cemetery. We noticed the cemetery because someone had decorated the headstones with sticks with paper bats on the end of the sticks, and a crow was stealing the sticks with bats. Sure, it was odd, but cr ows will do what crows will do. Soon after, I turned around and noticed a crow running down the road behind us. He had tucked a stick with a bat on it under each wing and was jogging along behind us. When he finally caught up he jumped in to the Jeep, and on to my head. I looked up, he looked down. He rested his forehead on my nose, and we sat eye to eye.  I said, "hello." The crow said, "hello." I said, "how are you?" The crow said, "Twinkie."

Google Play Music Family Plan

Family Plan Finally Rolls Out After months of waiting, Google Play Music Family Plan finally rolls out. I'm excited. Both my wife and I have been subscribers to the Play Music service. We've each been paying $9.99 a month. We've had to jump through the hoops of having only one big music collection, but having to switch desktop logins to get our tunes uploaded. It's a pain. With the new update we've been able to cancel her account, upgrade mine to the family plan, and join her in to my family group. So, what do we get? What will you get out of this? The first thing you'll get is a cost savings if you're in a family that was paying for two subscriptions. On the one hand, yeah, my subscription just jumped up to $14.99 a month. On the other hand, that's less than $9.99x2 a month, and that's if you only have two people on the plan. That $14.99 gives me up to 6 accounts (counting mine) that I can add to my family plan.  There is no stripped down