The Dream

The Dream

I was riding along in the back of a Jeep. The top was down, I don't know who was driving or where we were going. It didn't matter. As we drove we suddenly noticed that we were passing a cemetery. We noticed the cemetery because someone had decorated the headstones with sticks with paper bats on the end of the sticks, and a crow was stealing the sticks with bats. Sure, it was odd, but crows will do what crows will do. Soon after, I turned around and noticed a crow running down the road behind us. He had tucked a stick with a bat on it under each wing and was jogging along behind us. When he finally caught up he jumped in to the Jeep, and on to my head. I looked up, he looked down. He rested his forehead on my nose, and we sat eye to eye. 

I said, "hello."
The crow said, "hello."
I said, "how are you?"
The crow said, "Twinkie."


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