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Escorts And Pocket Knives

Escorts And Pocket Knives I've been wanting to get something off my chest for a few days. I think it's high time I got to it.  There comes a time in every kid's life that the kid needs a pocket knife. I decided that the time has come for my kid to have her first pocket knife. One of the knives I carry is the standard Swiss Army Classic SD . You know the one, that little tiny one with the tweezers and the toothpick and the scissors and the screwdriver. Yeah, that little one. I figured that one would be perfect for a kid's first knife. I went to the Target in Redmond, Washington. It's close to where I live. They had one, I bought it. It cost me $12.00. And life was good.  At some point between that day, and some time before that day, I misplaced my own knife. I was going to go through rules and safety stuff, me with my knife, her with hers. A couple of weeks later I still hadn't found my own knife, so I decided I had to buy myself a new one so that we could

Adventures in Cyber Begging

The Project ( Which can be found here ) This morning my wife saw a meme on her Facebook timeline taking shots at what people are doing with , and that got me to thinking. What would happen if I started up a campaign for something purely selfish? Something that I would really like to have, but priorities come first. How would people respond? Would people be willing to help me out? Would they dismiss me out of hand? Who knows?  Then I hopped on my motorcycle and rode to work. I walked into the office 90 minutes before people normally wander in, 2 hours before my first meeting, what to do? Start a campaign, of course.  The Campaign To read the full description, go here . I'll supply a few more links throughout just cause... Basically, though, I'm asking the people of the Internet to donate the money required to buy a Gibson Les Paul in the interest of furthering my activities teaching guitar on the side. If I get the funds, I'll buy the guitar, I'll