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Stuff to play in the car

I've been out on the road a bit for the last few days, and when you're doing a lot of driving, you find you have a lot of time on your hands for listening to stuff. At least that's been my experience. This time around I've been catching up on my backlog of podcasts, and a new one has made it into circulation. 

Andy Dowling

As of this moment, his site appears to be down, but if you get the chance, open up your favorite podcast app
and search for 'The Andy Social' podcast. The few I've been through so far have been interviews and conversations dealing with driver safety, touring bands, and promoters. Really well done interviews. Give him a listen. Me, I'll be looking forward to what's coming up next.
Check him out, tell him I send you. It won't mean shit cause I don't actually know him, but it sounds nice...doesn't it?


While we're at it, Andy's main job is playing bass for an Australian band called Lord. Check out some of their tunes here: Lord Official YouTube Channel. From what little I've seen, these guys have something pretty solid going on. The sound is tight, good production quality, and they seem to have a solid handle on their writing. There's a definite Helloween feel going on with these guys. If you're in to that like I'm into that, you won't be disappointed. 
Check the out, tell them I sent you. It won't mean shit cause I don't actually know them, but it sounds nice...doesn't it?


  1. Friday I'm going to see Geoff Tate play Operation Mindcrime at the Neptune. :)


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