Replacement knobs for the electric bass

My Guitar Is Missing A Knob

Over the years I've had a couple of hobbies. I go back and forth, do different things, and come back around. Years ago, my wife bought me a birthday gift of a Charvel CX 492 electric guitar. Up to that point I'd been strictly a 6 string guitar player, but when you're an aspiring rock star, it's always good to expand one's skill set. Turns out, that was a decent plan. Several years later, the band I was in lost our bass player. As I happened to own a bass, it was a perfect fit. 
I played for a while, we had a good time, I never became famous. Instead, I went off to write software for a living. Anyway, somewhere between now and then the tone knob fell off. I've been looking at that damn missing knob for damn near 20 years, and it's been driving me completely out of my mind. Sure, the thing works just fine, but it's ugly as hell. Incomplete. Sad. Ugly. Sad. 
I finally broke down and went searching for a replacement. What I did find was a near perfect match. Chromed brass that is the same size and identical dome as the one remaining knob, and the only difference is smaller (roughly half the size) knurling pattern on the new one. Internally there's a plastic liner that fits very snug over the post. That pic, over to the right, is exactly the set I got...short of the one I installed, and the pick is mine for a size comparison. They look close enough to the original that I didn't bother swapping out the original for one of the new ones, so I'm left with 3 extras in the even that they keep falling off. The filtered pic on the upper left is what we look like today. 

For reference, the bass is a Charvel CX 492, made in Japan. I'd read some reviews saying these didn't quite fit on American made Fender Strats, but if you're looking for a replacement on a Japanese 90's Charvel bass, you're totally set.

The Amazon links go through my affiliate account, and any purchases will give me a little taste that will help to motivate me to keep putting out content. 


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