Installing Crouton Again

Later that same day...

Finally got Crouton installed. Got Java installed. Went off to look for Android's not supported on my hardware. Experiment done. 
I don't need the obnoxious beeping and security warnings every time I restart the thing, so back to the stable mode, it is. 

Looking for a usable dev box

So, I've recently purchased a Pixelbook. I know this thing has more than enough power to handle development work, should I desire to install Crouton. However, I do not desire to install Crouton. For this device, I'll wait till I can get Crostini installed and running. 
I also have a fairly beefy home computer, but I share it with my wife and daughter, so using that for dedicated development time is difficult. 
I have some old laptops...don't even go there. They take 10 minutes to boot, and once booted, are incredibly slow. 
I have access to my work laptop, but the fact is that even working from home, I don't really need it, so it annoys me that I have to carry that around with me just to do development work. 
With that said, I am now left with my old Asus C300 Chromebook. It's sitting around, gathering dust, and taking up space. A while back I had Crouton installed, but the security checks every time I booted got on my nerves enough, that I decided to go back to the regular mode and stop running Linux. I honestly don't recall how well that Chromebook did running Linux, so until I figure out something better to do with it, I'll reinstall Crouton on it and see if it's sufficient to do a little casual coding. 

With all of that said, one might wonder why a professional computer geek, like myself, doesn't just go out and buy a shiny new dev laptop all for myself. Well, to be perfectly honest, in addition to the fact that I did just dump a pretty coin on that Pixelbook, if I find myself with an extra $1000 or so, I'd rather do something like buy a new guitar, get a decent amp again, finish out my Iron Maiden vinyl collection in one fell swoop, or maybe even buy an electric lawn mower. It is what it is. I'm a geek when it suits me. Today, I'm not quite enough of a geek, so I'll try to re-purpose this old hardware. 


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