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YouTube Music

Looks Like I Have The New YouTube Music So, I'd been expecting an email to let me into the new YouTube Music. Never got the email, but it turns out that somewhere behind the scenes, I did get access. My biggest concern about this whole new rollout is that I'd lose what I have in Google Play Music - My collection that I've been building for 30 years (format shifting my cassette tapes, CDs, and Vinyl to digital formats) stored in the cloud, and seamlessly merged with "rented" albums that I get with my subscription. A close second is that my listening suggestions would be influenced by the silly videos that I sometimes watch on YouTube, and finally, that I'd have random "fan created" nonsense included into my listening. These things are just a novelty to me, and I'm not interested in having them show up in my listening.  I've started playing around with this thing, and I'm not yet impressed.  First Thoughts All of the information